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When we feel well, everything is easier and we can cope better with the niggles and challenges that life throws at us every now and again. Understanding and looking after your wellbeing is an investment in yourself – and one that will reap benefits for the rest of your life.

You can explore the options available to understand various aspects of mental and emotional wellbeing and what they look
like for you.

Connecting with others is key for looking after your wellbeing. We know that it is not always easy for students to establish new friendships and feel comfortable around others. If that is you, you are not alone. But, be encouraged – there are lots of opportunities for you to get to know other students and University staff through clubs, societies, peer support groups and sports activities.

Spirituality and cultural communities are an important aspect of our wellbeing and a source of encouragement and friendship. Whether you belong to a particular religious group or are exploring aspects of spirituality, or simply want to connect with others with a shared sense of ‘home’, finding your community is important.

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Your activity on Wellbeing Connect is confidential. We won’t be tracking you.

If you decide to contact University services, your communication with us remains confidential. This means

we do not share verbal or written information about you to others, including family, friends, lecturers, faculty, other offices of Middlesex University or external providers without your prior consent, and details of your contact with the service are not recorded on your academic records.

If you decide to contact external services, they will only contact us at your request. Engagement with support is personal and confidential.

*There are rare instances when we would have to break confidentiality, such as if you or others may be at risk of serious imminent harm.

I am really unwell
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