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Sometimes we can struggle to enjoy life. There may be challenges that need to be resolved or dips in our health that we need to consider – with a little bit of input from the experts. You can access and find information to a wide range of support services and online platforms here. Getting support is a strength – it shows that you recognise your own health and are effective in managing your own support needs well.

If you have a Neurodiverse condition or want to find support for the LGBTQ community, or if you are struggling with phobias, addiction, domestic abuse, have a mental health condition or an eating disorder – you will find helpful support here too.

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Your activity on Wellbeing Connect is confidential. We won’t be tracking you.

If you decide to contact University services, your communication with us remains confidential. This means

we do not share verbal or written information about you to others, including family, friends, lecturers, faculty, other offices of Middlesex University or external providers without your prior consent, and details of your contact with the service are not recorded on your academic records.

If you decide to contact external services, they will only contact us at your request. Engagement with support is personal and confidential.

*There are rare instances when we would have to break confidentiality, such as if you or others may be at risk of serious imminent harm.

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